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Core Crisis Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Coming!  Final Fantasy VII Rebirth only on PS5

Core Crisis Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Coming! Final Fantasy VII Rebirth only on PS5

The great event marking the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII can’t miss some interesting announcements. The Japanese have prepared Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII The Reunion, and unexpectedly, production is moving to several platforms. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has also been revealed.

On Square Enix, it was initially confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will hit Steam today – The title basically has a tab on the Valve . platform Players can prepare for the game.

The company also has not forgotten the integration with Steam Deck and has prepared some tools:

Then new material emerged from mobile perspectives, finally delivering the details we’ve been waiting for for a very long time. Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII The Reunion has been revealed and the title is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC – The premiere will take place this winter. Players can count on the full production refreshments from 2007:

Since its launch in 2007, CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- has been widely acclaimed for its deep and emotional story. In this new version, the graphics have been improved to HD quality and all the 3D models have been updated. Filled with new soundtracks and musical arrangements presents this epic story of combat and tournament, and puts FINAL FANTASY VII in a whole new light. Enjoy the most beautiful and accessible CRISIS CORE that goes far beyond your usual HD replay device.”

Then Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II, but the production got its name – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a continuation of the acclaimed adventure. The title is exclusively for PlayStation 5, and at the same time it was confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake series is a trilogy… Unfortunately we have to wait for the premiere until the end of next year:

Here’s a first look at FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, the sequel to the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE from 2020. This upcoming standalone chapter in the FINAL FANTASY VII remake trilogy will be released next winter. “,