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Beginning June 1, the limit applies: Google will set a limit on the free storage for photos

Beginning June 1, the limit applies: Google will set a limit on the free storage for photos

Limit takes effect on June 1st
Google limits the free storage space for photos

Google has discontinued saving “high-quality” photos for free. Starting June 1st, new photos will count toward the free storage. Those who need more must pay or find another solution. However, there is an exception for photos that are already uploaded.

Google already announced it last November, and the time has come now: the free cloud backup for “High Quality” and “Express” images expires on June 1, 2021. From this date onwards, all new photos added to the storage will expire. Free large 15 gigabytes (GB). However, not all the recordings that users backed up and previously uploaded by June 1, 2021 will not be taken into account – so nothing should be deleted.

Free storage includes not only photos, but also emails and other digital documents, such as Google Drive contents. If 15 GB isn’t enough for you, you can cast View from Google One Acceptance. 100GB is available here for € 2, 200GB is available here for € 3, and a full 2 ​​TB is available for € 10 per month. Annual subscriptions are cheaper. Users who own a pixelated Google smartphone can still save the aforementioned “high quality” photos for free.

However, in the future, there will still be an option for everyone to save their cloud share on Google: to do this, you can select not to upload images in “high quality” in the settings. In addition, users can make their storage smaller with various services. It can easily be used to delete large files or blurry pictures, for example. Finally, Google also has one Personal appreciation Set up where you can see if and how long the 15 GB free will likely last.

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