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Bernard Lavilier at To’ata on November 10

SA Productions presents, on November 10, 2022 in To’ata, Bernard Lavilliers in concert. The singer, committed and hardcore ever since, will be performing some of his greatest hits there, and will present his latest album, under a huge sun. Tickets are already available.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be a gangster, a boxer, or a poet…” Bernard Lavilier tells of his childhood and adolescence in a working-class environment in Saint-Etienne. He will be a rebel at first, taking the road to Brazil at the age of 19 rather than answering a call for military service. At the age of 21, he “went to Paris” and played in cabarets before releasing his first album poets in 1972. Stefano It was released in 1975, but it was with The barbarians (1976) and the first Olympia in 1977 became a force to be reckoned with. He buys a boat and leaves for Jamaica, New York, Brazil and Asia. Bring back sounds – to album gringo With titles like the sauce or The ghetto can’t stand – Cultural references and the reasons for dedicating oneself to them. A style of work that resonates with public openness to the world and appreciates distant musical inspiration as well as the committed texts that illustrate it. The success of Bernard Lavilier’s favorite themes will not be denied, as evidenced by the Victoire de la Musique awarded in 2011 for his album Lost Causes and Tropical Music.

For those who think that they do not know Bernard Lavilier, they are probably mistaken, because his strokes are plentiful: black thoughts In a duet with Nicoletta, black and whiteAnd the On the road againAnd the Tempo Harmony melody With Jimmy Cliff as part of it

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Fast forward to 2021 and his last studio album, 23eAnd the under a huge sun, in which he collaborates with the group Terrenoire, covers a title for Brazilian Seu Jorge, and sings with Eric Cantona, Izia and Gaétan Roussel. Among the highlights of the album: heart of the world

Last Saturday, he sang at the Olympia where Sonya Allen had the chance to applaud him. It is with great pleasure that SA Productions announces today that “The Last Poet of French Song” has arrived in Tahiti for the first time. He will be accompanied by his seven musicians. “He is very excited about the idea of ​​discovering Polynesia, which is so intriguing to him in its culture, its music and its tattoos.”as you say.

Tickets are available at, At 4 Carrefour stores in Tahiti, and on Radio1 / TiareFM in Fare Ute.