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Bethesda Launcher will close on May 11th.  You can now transfer content to Steam

Bethesda Launcher will close on May 11th. You can now transfer content to Steam

Bethesda is closing its PC game store and launch pad, the Microsoft-owned company announced in February of this year. Now we have a specific date, which is May 11th.

As a reminder, was originally touted as a platform for future Bethesda games. Fallout 76 was an exclusive title for this launcher, and it looks like more titles from this publisher will go that way. However, the decision was withdrawn at the beginning of 2019, which may have been largely due to the disastrous reception of Fallout 76, which turned out to be a failure.

With the impending shutdown of the operator, the company has started offering users a migration plan that will allow them to transfer all their games, add-ons, and wallet funds to Steam. Recordings from many addresses will also be transferred automatically, although some will have to be copied manually. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an exception for a reason, as it is impossible to transfer except in this case. For Doom Eternal, it’s not that simple either, but it’s common here separate process for transportation.

While the player is down, the account functionality will still be part of the games…

This is how the save transfer will work for most games:

Users can log into Bethesda Launcher or with their account and find games, downloadable content, and available currencies for conversion. Then, just link your Steam account if it’s not already connected and you’ll see a handy “Start Steam Transfer” button that will do most of the work for us. However, it is worth making sure that you select the correct Steam profile as this is a one-time transfer. Once started, the transferred content and funds will appear in the selected Steam library within minutes. Although, as previously announced, games or configurations saved offline will not be part of this automated process.

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While the player is down, account functionality will remain a part of the games, giving you continuous access to DLC, purchased items, skins, mods, and more. Since the company is now part of Xbox Games Studios, it’s surprising that the port is only available on Steam and not the Microsoft Store, even as an option. However, given the popularity of the Steam platform, gamers probably won’t complain about this choice.

Even after the launcher shutdown on May 11, the paging function will still be available, ensuring that users who sleep do not lose access to purchased products.

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