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Items inspired by the Ghost of Tsushima will be Tsushima Island souvenirs

Items inspired by the Ghost of Tsushima will be Tsushima Island souvenirs

For the Japanese island of Tsushima, nothing better could have happened than promoting it through the success of the game Ghost of Tsushima From Studio Sucker Punch. Local authorities and title makers have already established a collaboration, and now we’re getting to the next stage.

These are game-inspired items that will be used as souvenirs for tourists visiting the island. The tools were supplied by the Japanese company MSY, that is, its subsidiary called GRAPHT GAMING LIFE. The service reported everything automated media.

They found a statement from the Tsushima Local Promotion Association, which issued a statement informing about the action taken and what tools will be available for purchase. These are, among others: mugs, socks, T-shirts, T-shirts, blouses, scarves, badges, and cases for consoles and consoles.

“We hope that the permanent exhibition of the Fureai-do Tsushima collection will serve as a bridge between the game and tourism in Tsushima, thanks to which visitors to the island will become interested in the world of Ghost of Tsushima and vice versa.”

Items are available for purchase at information points on Tsushima Island, in the Fureai-do Tsushima Gift Shop, but also via Manufacturer’s website Tools. This will be available from April 29th.

We remind you of that Ghost of Tsushima It was released on July 17, 2020 on PlayStation 4. Recently, the developers from Sucker Punch announced that they have finished supporting the title and at the same time thanked fans for their support. There is also a movie adaptation of the game that, according to the director, “will be faithful to the original.”

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