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Mercedes EQS introduces autonomous driving technology

Mercedes EQS introduces autonomous driving technology

United Nations Standardization Organization, Global Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations, You have approved a framework document Enable Level 3 Autonomous Driving, which will facilitate national regulations. The key point was to transfer responsibility from the driver to the automaker in the event of an accident.

While negotiations continue at Level 3, the German lawmaker is also discussing a bill that would enable Level 4 vehicles – such as the so-called robot hub – to operate in controlled situations.

Some car manufacturers already offer advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that take over driving functions. However, the driver must have at least a grip on the steering wheel, which means it’s rated as a Tier 2 or Tier 2 Plus. With Level 3 Drive Pilot, Mercedes says, “The driver can get away from events on the road and do certain secondary activities”, for example surfing the Internet, interacting with colleagues in Daimler’s office in the car “or” getting a relaxing massage. . ”

These activities do not include sleeping, looking back for long periods of time, or getting out of the driver’s seat. Cameras monitor head and eyelid movements to make sure drivers follow the rules.

When asked, the driver must take control, and Mercedes says the driver should always be prepared to do so if the rider is unable to retrieve the bike for any reason, the EQS is turned off, the warning signals are activated, the doors and windows are opened and an emergency call is made. Automatic.

According to Mercedes, the Drive Pilot system builds on the existing driver assistance package and adds additional sensors, including a lidar, an additional rear camera and microphones that can be used to detect the presence of emergency vehicles.

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The Drive Pilot option also includes steering, braking and redundant electrical systems as safety measures. According to Mercedes, all algorithms were calculated twice.

Off public roads, EQS is set up for a Tier 4 system: it can stop and cancel driverless parking in rooms with Infrastructure Parking (AVP) using a smartphone app. A similar system is available from Tesla.