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The Epic Games Store offers 5 games for free!  Computer scientist

The Epic Games Store offers 5 games for free! Computer scientist

The Epic Games Store continues its “donation” policy. This time, 5 games are waiting for you.

According to the latest data, In 2020 alone, players have downloaded nearly 749 million copies of free games from the Epic Games Store. The American manufacturer spent approx $ 444 million. Admittedly, it’s a pretty big sum of money. next to Sony (PS Plus) i Microsoft (Game Pass and Games with Gold), perhaps no company is currently spending more money on gifts for players.

epic However, it does not intend to change its policy in any way. You can add up to your library now 5 new games. Fans of classic adventure games will be especially happy.

This week we have at our disposal: Deponia: The Complete JourneyAnd the Ground pillars And the The first tree. The first of the proposals is a group release, in which we will find up to three adventure games by studio Daedalic Entertainment: Deponia, Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia. This collection will only guarantee you more than 40 hours full of puzzles, intense dialogues, and humor.

However, if you prefer more “serious” or “dark” productions, you are sure to love The Pillars of the Earth, also played by Daedalic Entertainment.

The last product to be released today is The First Tree –A beautiful 3D exploration game that tells two parallel stories: the story of a fox searching for a lost family and a son trying to reconcile with his father in Alaska“.

You can add all of these items to your Epic Games Store library for free over the next week.

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Epic Games Store for this week’s free games:

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