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Allegro makes shopping easier.  Several months later, also on Android

Allegro makes shopping easier. Several months later, also on Android

Allegro has added functionality to its Android app that users of iOS devices have been able to use for months.

People who have been using the Allegro iOS app for several months can do this Use biometrics to confirm purchases and verify Allegro Pay payments. Now buyers on the platform who use Android devices.

With biometric verification, customers can confirm every purchase and payment using Allegro Pay. This way, apart from the first payment with biometric confirmation, they will not have to confirm the purchase with the code from the SMS we send to the customer during this payment.

– We read in the advertisement of Allegro

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Biometric confirmation of purchases is both available as an option Buy nowAnd in a quick purchase buy and pay. To use this solution:

  • You have a smartphone with Android 11 or later and use the Allegro app, version 7.36.0 or later, or you have an iOS phone and use the Allegro app, version 6.16.0 or later,
  • Enable biometric verification in your device settings,
  • Enable this option in the Allegro account settings in the app (My Allegro > Account > Security).

Biometrics Allegro

Biometrics features are checked on the user’s device, which does not provide Allegro with the customer’s biometrics data, and the site does not store it.

In this way, Allegro gives Android device users another convenience when using the location app. Previously, people using Allegro on Android were given the opportunity to Use biometrics in the login process. All you need is a fingerprint or facial recognition.

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Image source: Shutterstock, Allegro

Text source: Allegro

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