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How do I transfer games from Bethesda Launcher to Steam?  directions

How do I transfer games from Bethesda Launcher to Steam? directions

April 27, 2022, 19:12

The Bethesda Launcher client will expire soon, but that doesn’t mean that any games on it will be lost. Players can now transfer their collections to Steam.

Bethesda Launcher is slowly ending, and from today players can transfer their accounts – and games – on this platform to Steam. Below you will find information about the whole process.

Bethesda on Steam – What are we going to carry over from the old launcher?

We mentioned the option to migrate in its predecessors News, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you of that Users can transfer the entire game collection from Bethesda Launcher (including DLC) to Steam, the money in the virtual walletAnd cosmetics and a list of friends (if any in the title).

  1. The same is true for saved game states. In most cases, these will automatically transfer to Steam, but a few titles require you to transfer files yourself.
  2. Please note that the account will not be removed It will still be required to access some games. The launcher itself will expire on May 11, although a Steam migration option will also be available after that date.

How do I transfer games from Bethesda Launcher to Steam?

To move, go to custom page Log in to your account. Then we need to link our Steam account (if we haven’t done this before). Once this is done, we can start the migration by clicking on the button on the right.

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Migration from Bethesda Launcher to Steam has begun.  We explain how to do it - Illustration #1

Once the transfer process has started, it cannot be canceled or undone once it is completed. Once your account is transferred to Steam, the games will no longer be available in the player for PC through it, but only on the Valve platform.

Once the process is over, you won’t be able to start playing right away. Previously You will need to download and install the games againwant to run.

More details can be found in the document I prepared Bethesda Softworks. Fallout 76 players are also advised to take a look at page With an overview of the migration process for this production.

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