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Big changes are coming.  You won't enter Poland without it - o2

Big changes are coming. You won’t enter Poland without it – o2

The Traveler Location Card is intended to help limit the rapid spread of the virus. As of Saturday, July 17, everyone entering our country must fill out an electronic KLP. This will help services reach flight passengers if it is found that someone with COVID-19 was on the flight.

In line with the recommendations of the European Union to combat the epidemic, If an airline passenger receives a positive COVID test, the health service must report this information immediately to the public health authorities of the countries where the person has resided in the last 14 days.

Available in electronic version

KLP is only available in electronic form, On the government website. It can be completed in paper form only if there is no access to the ICT system. In such a case, paper cards will be handed over to the passengers by the cabin crew.

Everyone who comes to Poland is obliged to fill out the card. This is a necessary condition if we want to cross the border. The card must be filled out before the flight, during the flight or at the latest before check-in. Filling out the form is mandatory when crossing the Polish border.


How do you fill out the card?

The following information must be included in the traveler’s location card:


The traveler will receive a confirmation that the card has been sent to the email address provided in the form. You can print it out or show it to airport staff on a mobile device (eg phone or tablet).