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These Biedronki in Warsaw are open every Sunday!  Shops all over the city [GALERIA]

These Biedronki in Warsaw are open every Sunday! Shops all over the city [GALERIA]

Author: Amateusz Calik – SE

The Sunday trading ban is one of the few types of legal ban that causes a lot of controversy. Many Poles are calling for it to be scrapped, and convenience stores are constantly trying to bypass the government ban and open their stores on Sundays. Poland’s largest supermarket chain – Biedronka also began looking for ways to circumvent the ban. As part of the tests, there are more than ten branches throughout Poland that are open on all days of the week. Which Biedronki in Warsaw is open on Sundays? Check out this article.

The ban on trading on Sundays greatly divided the Poles. Many are calling for it to be cancelled. For several years, stores in Poland have imposed a legal ban on trading on Sundays, with the exception of a few Sundays a year. However, retail chains are trying to find ways to circumvent the ban. Pedronka showed exceptional creativity. In recent days, the authorities of the Portuguese giant have decided to open some stores on all days of the week. How is this possible?

Biedronka will open some of its stores thanks to a collaboration with Poczta Polska. These will be not only supermarkets, but also … post offices, which are not subject to the Sunday trade ban.

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We listen carefully to the needs of our customers who expect that their purchasing plans and services can be implemented in one place. We’ve only begun testing the new service at individual locations out of more than 3,000 stores in our network. The commencement of the examination is an examination of new employment opportunities according to the current legal system. We will make decisions about the possible development and final form of this service after analyzing the results of the pilot project – the press office of the Pedronca network told us.

What stores in Warsaw will be open every Sunday? View in the gallery below: