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BLACKPINK’s Rosie Reportedly Have Covid, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa Test Negative for PCR

the flowerThe lead vocalist for the girl group k-pop pink blackhe tested positive for Covid-19, after a PCR test was positive, the idol was about to make a trip outside South Korea and according to the protocols, a test was taken that was reported to be positive for coronavirus, knowing that he did not show any symptoms.

It should be noted that the other three members of the group k-pop (Jenny, Jisoo and Lisa), PCR tests were performed, which were negative, on the other hand pink black They have a complete vaccination schedule against coronavirus.

Official statement from YG Entertainment Translated into Spanish:

“This is YG Entertainment. BLACKPINK’s Rosé took a PCR test before leaving abroad on February 28, and the results came back positive, which resulted in the cancellation of part of her outdoor activities. The other three members (Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa) all tested negative, and none, including That Rosie, who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is showing no particular symptoms.”

“All four BLACKPINK members have completed the Covid-19 vaccination, and we will prioritize the health of our artists and staff and spare no effort for their well-being. We would appreciate if you could show your support for Rosé’s speedy recovery, as well as the active BLACKPINK members globally. We will provide an update if there are any changes in the future.”

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On the other hand, in November 2021, Lisaalso a member of the group, tested positive for Covid-19, after taking a trip to the US to promote her single “SG” with Ozuna, DJ Snake and Megan Thee Stallion, Likewise, the singer was seen in different nightclubs but always with a mask or a mouth covering. On the other hand, the Idol He used his visit to conduct several one-on-one interviews.

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