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Blanche Jardines, Narcissus in the mirror of his time

canal + – Monday, December 6 at 9:10 pm – miniseries

in a FranceThe Bruno Dumont movie released in cinemas at the beginning of September, Blanche Garden plays the assistant of a TV news star in the grip of suspicion, who reassures her by waxing her shoes: “People will love you and then hate you, it’s the same thing.” Pretty much the fate that awaits The best version of myself, the comedian’s first foray into the serial genre, in the manner of a fake documentary shot with small means but plenty of talent, and above all freedom that makes the whole unpleasant and startling – rather in the right direction.

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The series’ nine short episodes showcase a fictional alter ego close to his model, a comedian who has had colic, bloating, and other bouts of constipation, convinced that “rot from the inside”. On the advice of a naturopath, Blanche decided to give up standing – “Can you hear them?” They laugh at you.” – and he embarks on a search for himself that, over the course of the episodes, takes the form of a malicious charge against time, beginning with his own narcissism.

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Followed by a film crew too small to ever forget her existence, the actress makes her happy awakening to the great causes of the present—feminism, inclusivity, and everything her critics put in the “woe” basket.

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Once the main character’s intestinal problems are cleared (literally), making the first episodes quite unpleasant to watch, the series takes off, carried with comic escape and an offbeat comic situation where we find the paw of Noe Debre, screenwriter Parliament Who wrote Blanche Garden with him Problems. This alloy of neurosis and self-irony, which makes salt the best attitude, is the base of the miniseries, which take a very dark, almost horrific turn at the end.

Nombrillist Court

A silly smile and goodwill drooping over the shoulder, the actress (who directed all episodes) portrays herself as a fragile and mobile quadra, a dove of personal development and victimology that sometimes accompanies her. Between a yoga class and a live Instagram, she’s settling fictional accounts with her fictional family – interpreted by actors who have subtly planted doubt on the border between fantasy and reality – and with her lover, the white man and thus the idealized head of a Turkish.

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