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Bodymix and Lotus Asphalt work on scented asphalt

Bodymix and Lotus Asphalt work on scented asphalt

Bodymix and Lotus Asphalt work on scented asphalt. Volatile compounds emitted from typical hot asphalt used in the production of asphalt mixtures are not harmful to humans. However, they have a specific smell. That is why Budimex and LOTOS Asfalt have produced a mixture with the scent of … flowers.

Comfort and security at work is an important element that, if provided, increases the efficiency and commitment of employees. Rest at work means something different to everyone. For employees engaged in the performance of bituminous works, it is important, among other things, to smell, which is an inseparable component of work with a hot asphalt mixture.

Bodymix and Lotus Asphalt working on scented asphalt - Woman sitting on an asphalt road.
Bodymix and Lotus Asphalt work on scented asphalt

Asphalt with the smell of flowers

First of all, road asphalt 35/50 with low odor intensity was created on the basis of technology developed by LOTOS Asfalt during the implementation of PS 95/35 S synthetic asphalt. Budimex cares about the natural environment and the comfort of its employees. Moreover, it has successfully implemented sustainable development policy for many years. Primarily through the production, implementation and promotion of innovative green road construction products. Low-odor asphalt additive is a mixture of natural and synthetic essential oils and has a pleasant floral scent.

The compounds in the additive used work in two ways. Most of the active compounds act as odorants, reacting with the odor-generating substances present in asphalt fumes and thus reducing their volatilization (movement). The remaining compounds produce a characteristic odor that differs from typical petroleum asphalt. Therefore, after applying an appropriate proportion of active agents, the concentration of odorous compounds in asphalt fumes used at technological temperatures in road construction is reduced.

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During delivery before implementation, comparative bitumen tests and full product tests with reduced odor intensity (type tests) were performed. The results confirmed compliance with the standard PN-EN 12591 and no significant differences were observed in the product characteristics.

Environmental trend in construction

It is a promising product that also fits with the green and ecological trend in construction. Currently, research and laboratory analyzes are carried out on asphalt mixtures containing this special asphalt.

Investment activities beneficial to the environment and sustainable development lie at the heart of Budimex’s operations. a company Implement and encourage the use of low-emission technologies and techniques that reduce the generation of waste in the construction process. He cares about the natural environment and improves the working conditions of employees. The first tests of the odorless asphalt mixture turned out to be promising. Budimex is considering offering such a solution on a larger scale.

Source: Budimex