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Bold statements from Milan players after winning with Atalanta

Milan has yet to score after returning to the Champions League, but in Serie A he still impresses with his high level. After the defeat of Atalanta, the players of the “Rossoneri” spoke frankly about their aspirations for the championship.

Stefano Pioli’s players are one of the three unbeaten teams in the current Serie A season. Inter have not lost the match yet, and Napoli leads the table with all victories. Captains David Calabria and Sandro Tonali, who plays an increasingly important role in the team, have no doubts that Milan are currently playing the best ball and that the goal is none other than the Scudetto.

With Sunday’s win in the first leg against Atalanta, Milan got a better result after seven rounds than it did a year ago. At that time, at this stage of the championship, “Rossoneri” had two draws, and now they have lost two points only once. Although the Milan series last season continued until the sixteenth round without defeat, other clubs were still considered the main candidates to win the championship title.

Then Stefano Pioli himself repeated that the goal is to be in the top four and return to the Champions League.

Now the mood in San Siro is different. It is generally said that up to seven clubs can count in the race for the ultimate victory in Serie A. Two of them, Lazio and Atalanta, have already defeated Milan. A draw with Juventus, and it was the “Bianconeri” that broke Milan’s impressive streak last year. The departure of Hakan Çalhanoğlu is almost unnoticeable in the team, which somehow unleashed the potential of Ibrahim Diaz and Gianluigi Donnarumma, because he was completely replaced by Mike Minan. The Rossoneri also learned to win consecutive matches without Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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The Milan match was affected by Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini after Sunday’s match. The coach called the aforementioned Diaz the name of the player who caused the most trouble to the “La Di” players and angered the Atalanta goalkeeper. But the 3:2 win would not have happened without his midfield partner Sandro Tonali’s 2:0 goal.

– We started quickly, which we did not expect from a difficult match in the Champions League. We did our best and we are happy to win. It gave us a lot of confidence because if you come to Bergamo and score three goals here, you have to be a really good team. championship? “This is our only goal this season,” the almighty DAZN podium midfielder said after the final whistle.

It was echoed by Davide Calabria who was captain in the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

There are a lot of great teams in Italy now, but in my opinion, none of them are better than us. Stefano Pioli gave us confidence, and his way of thinking about football allows us to get the best of ourselves. The basis of our game is density. We are able to maintain a high pace throughout the match, we can press hard, which leads to great results – the Italian right-back has finished the designated right-back for the Nations League final.

Ibrahimovic, who celebrated his birthday on match day with Atalanta, called this way of thinking in an interview before the Juventus match. The influence of the Swedish veteran on his younger colleagues and the great work of Stefan Beoli are among the secrets of the revolution that has taken place in Milan over the past two years. In December 2019, Rossoneri was at the opposite pole of Atalanta, capitulating to 0:5 and not giving their fans high hopes for a better future. Now it is Milan that may announce a fight for the Scudetto and it is impossible not to take their words seriously.

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