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Pirates 19, Patriots 17 | They can turn the page

(Foxboro) Tom Brady received a standing ovation from New England Patriots fans upon his return to Foxboro. Then he became enemy number one.

Miguel Bogold

Miguel Bogold

The New England Patriots came within inches of causing a upset and defeating Tom Brady on Sunday night at Foxboro. Despite losing 19-17 to Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Patriots and their fans can turn the page forever.

Very likely this was Brady’s last game at Gillette, and most of it was played in torrential rain, which made it difficult for both forwards. Brady completed barely 50% of his passes (22 for 43) for 269 yards and never threw any touchdown passes. But in the end, he got the only number that really mattered, winning the standings.

As expected, Bill Belichick prepared his team well for this long-awaited meeting. His defense managed to limit the Bucs’ attack on a single touchdown, scoring on an eight-yard dash from Ronald Jones’ second.


After the match ended, Belichick walked to the middle of the field and congratulated Brady. But unlike many Patriots who chatted with their former teammate for five or ten seconds, Belichick quickly turned his heels to retreat to his locker room. Of all those who hugged Brady, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels spent the most time with him.

Bates fans chanted Brady’s name during the warm-up and gave him a standing ovation. But once the game started, he became an opponent among many. Even as Brady outplayed Drew Bryce in the action arenas, the game continued as if nothing had happened.

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Jones shines in defeat

For their part, the Patriots have seen young Mac Jones complete 19 passes in a row, in his fourth career…according to NBC, this has been the longest streak of its kind for the rookie quarterback in the past 30 years.

Photo by Paul Rutherford, USA TODAY

Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones

All in all, The Apprentice’s play was superior to Brady, which is pretty cool when you consider the context. Despite playing under the watchful eye of his illustrious predecessor and much of America, the former Crimson Tide had 31 of 40 passes for 275 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

If Nick Falk had hit his 56-yard field goal in the last minute of play, the Patriots would have gone 20-19. However, the ball hit one of the horizontal posts and did not penetrate between them, which disappointed Belichick, who chose a tough lineup instead of trying to secure the first match on a fourth down by three. yards to go. I’m not sure he would make the same decision if it had to be done again.

Since the time we talked about it, it’s now done. Tom Brady returned to Foxboro and returned to Tampa with a big victory.

In New England, on the other hand, Butts fans are sure to be more excited about what the future holds for their favorite team. The Bates defense has played nearly as it has ever been for the past two decades, and Jones has continued to prove he has the skills and talent to be the team’s primary quarterback for the long term.

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The Bucs have only had three sacks in the same number of games since the start of the season, but have had four, including two from first-choice Joe Tryon Soyinka, on Sunday night. Hitting hard so many times, Jones never backed off.

Veteran Richard Sherman was officially appointed by the Bucs on Wednesday, and was already one of the team’s key players four days later. He will remain so since Carlton Davis was injured during the match.

Very good against Butts with ball interceptions, seven tackles and a forced tumble, safety back Antoine Winfield Jr also left the match with a concussion. The Bucs have not yet escaped injury, and most of them have affected the higher education sector.

Attacking fans probably didn’t appreciate the scene much on Sunday night. Leonard Fortnite (91 yards dribble, 47 assists) was the Buccaneers’ top offensive player, and the Patriots’ attack took a long time to be fruitful. Instead, it was the typical confrontation between competitors studying each other. It certainly wasn’t a great match, but it was fiercely contested, and the suspense remained until the end.

Bucs and Brady will now be able to focus fully on defending the title, while Belichick will be able to start a new book with Jones as the main character. Everything that is good ends well.