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British police are investigating 40 deaths at a hospital in Brighton

Around 40 deaths that occurred between 2015 and 2020 after alleged errors are being investigated at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. One of the whistleblowers, Krishna Singh, a former surgeon at the hospital, alleged he lost his position as clinical director of the hospital after he raised concerns about patient safety, citing some deaths that are now being investigated.

Krishna Singh He argued that the hospital’s cost-cutting measures being pushed were extremely unsafe and ultimately led to higher rates of complications and patient deaths. Singh alleged that the cuts also led to an increase in the number of incompetent surgeons and an overuse of untrained substitutes.

– When doctors see patients being harmed, they need to be able to speak up without any fear of consequences and be confident that actions and changes that are being made will be taken to protect patients in the future, says Latifa Patel, president of the British Medical Association, the trade union for doctors in UK, in a statement.

The second whistleblower, a former neurosurgeon, was fired in December 2021 after raising concerns about 19 deaths and 23 serious patient injuries over the past six years.

The hospital has He received sharp criticism from the hospital’s supervisory board, which also investigated the hospital.
– When I took on this role just under a year ago, I ordered an external review to give me a clear picture of where we stand, what our strengths and weaknesses are. Everything said now is consistent with what we already knew and committed to addressing from the start, hospital chief executive George Findlay tells the BBC.

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