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Britney Spears won’t pay her mother Lynn’s lawyer

Britney Spears won’t pay her mother Lynn’s lawyer

Britney Spears He answered the last request Lynn Spears Filed before the courts for a request For his famous daughter to be the one who pays the fees of lawyers and consultants Which, she says, hired her to help her get rid of the legal guardianship that was imposed on her in 2008.

pop princess It confirmed through its representatives that There is no legal basis for her to pay her mother’s $663,202 bill.. In the legal documents he obtained Entertainment tonight Britney notes that “there is no authority to support the idea that an attorney can be held liable for third-party attorney fees.” In short, his argument is that The people Lynn decided to hire at the time, and the money she owes them, is her work alone.

Britney’s lawyer once again insisted that she had been “the sole breadwinner for her whole family” for too long. However, It is not excluded that the famous artist will decide to pay an amount on time to her mother, but this will be a decision for her alone and exclusively.It is not an obligation.

Instead, Lynn’s lawyers argue that had it not been for her support and efforts to try to amend and terminate legal guardianship over the past two and a half years, her daughter would not have regained control of her life.

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