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BVB Expert Florian Kring on St. Paulis Schultz: One Like Klopp

During his long time at BVB, he became a fan favorite, still part of the legends squad, he finished his St. Pauli career once and was on the field in the last cup duel between the two clubs: Florian Kring still closed both clubs – and I think Kiezklub It can create a sensation.

“The situation now cannot be compared to what it was back then,” the 39-year-old said in an interview with MOPO. In 2014, St. Pauli lost 3-0 and had absolutely no chance. “We didn’t play good football and we were in awe.”

Kringe’s Exciting Recipe: A St. Pauli keep the game open for as long as possible

“It wouldn’t be easier with almost no fans, but the team has tremendous confidence in itself,” he explained. Of course, there is a good chance that Dortmund will win seven or eight of their ten matches against St. Pauli. “But that’s a cup, one game, 90 minutes. That’s what makes it so attractive.” If Kiezklub can keep the game open for as long as possible, “then at some point you start believing in it.”

Kringe on Schultz: “You need someone who can create optimism”

And if anyone can pass on that belief to the players, it’s Timo Schultz. “It’s a very beautiful and wonderful story with him,” Kringe says of the man who was the assistant coach at the time at Elbe. It’s no surprise that they were both on the same wavelength, so he’s happy with the St. Pauli coach today.

First of all, he remains in office after a dry spell until January 2021 (“I think it’s great that things are going like this”). Then about the evolution that brown and white took in the meantime. Sometimes, says Kring, he discovers similarities with Jürgen Klopp at Dortmund. “You need someone who can create a spirit of optimism. And if this is a Saint Pauli person, it is Timo. You believe all that too.”

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In addition to Schultz, he knows other former companions of Millerntor (“there are still a few I played with”), but the connection with Borussia has never been broken either. “I was in Sebastian Keel’s office last week. Roman Weidenfeller still works at the club, as does Patrick Omoela,” he recounts.

For them, a possible exit from the Cup from a second-tier team would of course be a huge setback, but it cannot be completely ruled out for Kring. “St. Pauli is right at the head of the table, it all makes a homogeneous and lasting impression,” he praises: “I never see her without a chance.”