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Vitality without winning. LEC results week one


Day 1:

  • Vitality – Black Mad 0:1
  • SK – Rogue 0:1
  • G2 Esports – Excel 1: 0
  • Misfits – Australis 1: 0
  • BDS – Fanatic 0:1

the second day:

  • Rogue – misfits 1: 0
  • BDS – Excel 1: 0
  • SK – MAD Black 1: 0
  • G2 Sports – Australis 1: 0
  • Vitality – Fanatic 0:1

Day 3:

  • BDS – misfits 0:1
  • Vitality – Excel 0:1
  • Rogue – Australis 1: 0
  • SK – Fanatic 0:1
  • MAD Lions – G2 Sports 1: 0

in the post below on Twitter You can see the current schedule LEC:

At the top with a score of 3-0 there are two teams – your fanatic And con man. There is no doubt that we were expecting this season to start with the new YamatoCannon lineup. Live interview with Vitality It was a question mark, of course, but other than that your fanatic It was at the top of most strength charts. The start of the season seems to confirm that it will be a strong team whose only acceptable outcome in the spring is victory and a trip to MSI.

con man In contrast, he could have had opponents that were slightly weaker than your fanaticBut they still showed their very good side. it was said about him con man during offseasonuThat they can make better use of the money earned Important It is clear that a weaker configuration than the previous one was created. For now, it looks quite stable. This may not be another occurrence con manIt would handle the regular season without any issues and then quickly collapse into the playoffs.

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According to several strength ratings, they are in the next three crazyAnd incompetent And G2 Sports. Each team lost one game each. crazy signed with SKAnd G2 Sports z MAD, a incompetent with con man. The three organizations took a big risk in this off-season, and decided to use the spring for a bit of experimentation. These types of teams are expected to grow and develop over time, and we won’t see their true potential until the end of the season when the playoffs come.

The biggest surprise in the first week was of course the score 0-3 VitalityThe one on the table right next to it astral. European super team You have stirred up a lot of emotions during this season. Perks I Alfre They returned to Europe, self made He gets a second chance, and Karzi tree leaves kaisra to Labrova.

While expectations were high, there were also critics among enthusiasts who feared individuality within one team. Skeptics so far win this debate after the first week. Can’t hide it in Vitality There is huge potential and with so many talented players from 0-3 he could easily turn into 15-3. The only question is how quickly they can recover from such a poor start.