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Candidates set fire to the kitchen, and their filming stopped

On Wednesday evening, it aired on M6 the episode of “The Restaurant Wars” of Season 12, which was marked by a kitchen accident. Muhammad al-Sheikh and Matthias Mark approached disaster.

The kitchen nightmare. In the “Restaurant Wars” episode withTop chefs»Broadcasting on Wednesday evening on M6, Mohamed El Sheikh and Matthias Mark competed with the flagship program of Philip ecchibistSet a fire in the kitchen. Literally. While they were preparing their list for their express restaurant opening, the two favorites, still in competition, were surprised by their meat cooking.

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To add flavor to the planned soup broth for the main course, Mohamed decided to cook the shoulders of lamb over charcoal. bad idea. It only took a minute of inattention outside the kitchen for the meat to ignite. When the 28-year-old chef and colleague Matthias discovered the fire, it was already too late. The fireplace was completely set ablaze, forcing production to stop filming. Candidates and photographers next to them were quickly evacuated outside the establishment in Aulne-sous-Bois to leave it to a third person to extinguish the fire with the fire extinguisher. More fear of harm: filming resumed after a few minutes and the restaurant duo “Nomad” continued preparing dinner.

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Kitchen accidents are a common occurrence in Top Chef. In 2019, during Season 10, candidate Adrien Cachot has set fire to his business plan while his rival Alexia Duchêne hits her finger with a mandolin. The last test she was participating in was cut for a few minutes, as emergency services assess the severity of the situation and provide first aid.