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Capcom Showcase Announced, Focuses On Advertised Games

Capcom Showcase Announced, Focuses On Advertised Games

E3’s absence certainly left a void. But thankfully, Summer Game Fest fills it up quite a bit, with many streams from various studios. For example, developer Frostpunk 11bit has already announced the unveiling of a new game, and Klei Entertainment will also appear at the PC Game Show.

Capcom news

I mentioned now Also Capcom to talkowned on June 14 at midnight Capcom Gallery want to hold. The entire show is expected to last for 35 minutes and will include previously announced game updates. So while we may not be looking forward to any new announcements about the game, there will likely be updates to Resident Evil 4 Remake, the PSVR2 version of Resident Evil Village, and possibly some new details about Street Fighter 6, which won’t be available until Sony State of Play a brand new trailer.

In addition to these projects, Capcom also has Resident Evil Re: Verse, Exoprimal, and Pragmata in development. The first details about the Resident Evil Village DLC can also be announced during the Capcom Show. Capcom is also currently preparing for the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, so some new information about that will surely make some fans happy as well.