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Carla Bruni-Cash on Nicolas Sarkozy’s legal troubles: what do you think about it

in columns Paris MatchCarla Bruni returned to the legal troubles of her companion Nicolas Sarkozy. And so she revealed her style so that she would no longer allow her to be demoralized: pretend she doesn’t exist!

The sentence was overturned on March 1, 2021. accused of “corruption” And “bribery“In the wiretapping case, Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced to three years in prison, including one. A court decision that the former President of the Republic immediately appealed to. In the process of washing his honour, his successor Jacques Chirac can count on many supporters, most of whom of elected officials from the right. Even the Minister of the Interior, Gérard Darmanin, declared on the sidelines of a trip to the Gard: “Everyone knows how much affection and respect I have for Nicolas Sarkozy, who was a great President of the Republic and who had our friendly support in these difficult times. I don’t forget how much he brought to our country.”

For her part, Carla Bruni, who has been married to a politician since February 2008, continues to show her love and solidarity with her on social media. But privately, the former first lady admits: Very rarely does the topic come up.

Carla Bruni chooses the ostrich technique

As explained in columns Paris MatchCarla Bruni chose not to talk more about her husband’s legal problems. Even worse, he totally ignores it! “I have adopted a technique for ten years: I pretend he doesn’t exist Mom hit Aurelien and Julia. Nevertheless, she does not fail to affirm, whenever she can, that she believes in the innocence of her husband:I don’t understand their reasoning and I don’t understand what they accused us of.”

Even if Carla Bruni somehow tries to get these things out of her mind, she realizes that there is”At times when we feel angry, when we are tired. “Our way of enduring these experiences It is specifically not to talk about it between us. In this way, we are able to live as calmly as possible. And that’s how they won’t get us. Also because I have great confidence in him and It will eventually end… He concludes that Bella Hadid’s casual lookalike is her solution for now, close your eyes.

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