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Carmen Jess: Completely changed! Robert’s wife doesn’t look like that anymore

Carmen Jess has done it again. Robert Jess’s wife has undergone a gender change. She proudly presents her new look on Instagram. Her fans love the view and literally shower the millionaire’s wife with praise.

Carmen Jess shows herself with a new hair color on Instagram.
Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa | Ursula Doreen

Courage to Change: Faithful to this motto, Carmen Jess subject to transformation. She presented the surprising result to her followers on Instagram. Her fans are so excited that they let their emotions explode.

Carmen Jess totally changed: Robert Jess’ wife shows herself with a new hair color on Instagram

Carmen Jess without blonde hair? Perhaps this is unimaginable to many fans. But the millionaire’s wife broke up with her hair color. Because “the blonde was yesterday”. Anyone who thinks she now has black hair or a pixie pink cut can take a sigh of relief. The “Die Geissens” star made her hairstylist make new highlights. Robert Jess’ wife presents herself in her current image with smooth blow-dried hair, which not only shines, but is now striped with red stripes.

Fans love Carmen Jess’ new hairstyle

Do your followers also love your new hairstyle? And how. Shortly after posting, the number of likes rose steadily. 1,000+ Instagram users: Insider loves the photo. Presenter Nina Moghadam is also a fan. Some fans love the scene so much that they can’t hold back their feelings. Several heart emojis adorn the comment pole. A woman says about the “mega” hairstyle. Another woman wrote in the comment column “Very beautiful”. For fans, Carmen Jess can always re-dye her hair. “Whatever your hair color are always beautiful..especially because of your attractiveness!!!” What a nice compliment, isn’t it?

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