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Alibaba despide a ejecutivo acusado de abuso sexual

CEO fires Alibaba for sexual assault

China’s largest e-commerce company, Alibaba, said on Monday it had fired a manager accused of sexual assault and vowed to strengthen its policy against sexual harassment, after a company employee was accused of ignoring your report on the incident.

The employee, who has not been identified, posted an internal blog post on Saturday recounting the sexual assault she experienced by her manager and one of the company’s clients during a business trip, according to reports from local media. She said that she was forced to drink alcohol, that her manager sexually assaulted her in the hotel room while she was drunk, and that the client also molested her, and before that her manager turned a blind eye.

The employee said the company did not take the problem seriously when she reported the abuse, and was told the suspect would not be fired, according to her post.

Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang said in a memo published Monday that the defendant, who works in the neighborhood’s retail business unit, admitted to committing “intimate acts” with the employee while she was drunk. Zhang said the manager was fired because he violated company policy. At the moment, the identity of the employee has not been revealed.

“If he commits an infraction or an improper act that breaks the law, it will be determined by the authorities,” Zhang said.

Two of the executives — the head of the neighborhood retail business unit and the director of human resources — have resigned to take responsibility for the mishandling of the case.

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