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T-Mobile 5G receives 160 base stations

T-Mobile 5G receives 160 base stations

Some of the newly launched 160 stations are being used to ramp up coverage in cities where 5G was already available. This applies mainly to cities such as Białystok, Kielce, Lublin, ód, Pozna-Radom, Rzeszow, and Tarnow.

The list of cities where 5G technology has been launched or expanded in recent days also includes: Biała Podlaska, Bielsko, Bobrowniki, Ciechanów, Dębica, Limanowa, Olkusz, Oświęcim, Mława, Myślenice, Racibórz, Radomsko, Ropczyce, Skawzyk, Szisczy, Wisczya, and dozens of others.

Recently, the telecom company stated that it has launched more than 120 new base stations for 5G networks. Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Radom, Białystok, Tarnów, Olsztyn, Chełm and Nowy Sącz have joined the list of cities where T Mobile customers can use the latest technology. The modern network was also provided in the popular places during the tourist periods, such as Zakopane, Kozzalin, Bey and Ike.

These are the operator’s upcoming 5G stations – in January of this year. 40 new base stations have been launched to cover users in Tri-City and its vicinity. The infrastructure was built using the frequency of 2100MHz with Nokia.

How does 5G work

T-Mobile Polska – like Play and Orange Play – provides a shared 5G network signal with legacy technologies on several frequency bands (mainly 2100MHz).

At the end of March this year. T-Mobile Polska had 11.205 million users, with 223 thousand users. over a year ago. Telecom’s quarterly revenue decreased 0.5%. To 1.549 billion PLN, AL EBITDA profit increased by 4.1%. up to 431 million PLN.