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Champions League: Atlanta Bergamo draw 2-2 with Manchester United.  Ronaldo is a hero

Champions League: Atlanta Bergamo draw 2-2 with Manchester United. Ronaldo is a hero

Two weeks ago at Old Trafford, the Red Devils were in first place. Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s team won 3-2. After goals from Mario Basalik and Marih Demiral they already had a 2-0 lead, giving the Atlanta players the right to feel dissatisfied. However, it took the hosts less than 30 minutes to score three goals in the second half of the match. Thanks to this, after an unexpected defeat to the Young Boys Bern (1: 2), Manchester took first place in the group, with victories over Villarreal (2: 1) and Atlanta.

The mood at Old Trafford has been very tense for the past few weeks. And no wonder. The Premier League was bad in late September and throughout October. With the defeat of Aston Villa (0: 1), draw with Everton (1-1) and defeats to Leicester (2: 4) and Liverpool (0: 5), Red Devils fans demanded the removal of Soulscare. Had it not been for the Champions League victories and the last win against Tottenham (3: 0), this would have happened a long time ago. The group from Bergamo is in a different mood. Although the competition is very strong this season, the players of Gian Piero Casparini are in touch with the Serie A leaders. Milan teams seem to be beyond other clubs.

The hosts loved and imposed the terms of their game from the start. We do not have to wait long for the results. Duan Zapada regained consciousness in the 12th minute. The 30-year-old Colombian slowed down, looked up and gave the ball to Josip Ilyic. The Slovene got a leg up and defeated David de Kia, who should have done better. He blocked the Spanish players ’defense and Atlanta’s midfielder’s shot was fired from close range, which made the reaction difficult.

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United were pushed to the defensive for a while, but before the break, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandez showed excellent play. The Portuguese effectively exchanged passes with each other, and in the final stages of the action, Fernandes emotionally threw the ball through his heels, and the 36-year-old star did what he had to do in such a situation – he did not give in to Juan Musso. An opportunity.

Mario Pasalich did not come out for the second half of the meeting and was replaced by Ferret Digimcity. In the 56th minute, Zapada received a pass from the deep off field. Colombian won the fight with Harry Maguire and then technically defeated De Gea. The joy did not last long as the referee blessed an offside position. Fortunately for the hosts, Slovenian referee Slavko Vincic waited for the VAR car to be analyzed and finally pointed to the center of the pitch. Excitement prevailed at Gewiss Stadium.

The guests seemed helpless, and Atlanta was hungry for more goals. Eventually, Ronaldo found himself again. The seven-time high scorer once again showed his artistry. Already in extra time Portugal did not give Musso a chance to hit the ball on the first ball.

Valuable win for Villarreal

F. The Young Boys Bern were also very interesting in Villarreal’s second game. The hosts had a point after three rounds. However, the Swiss created the first dangerous opportunity. In the 25th minute, Elijah played the ball into the penalty area, Christian Fosnakt scored well, but the ball crossed the goal post slightly defended by Geronimo Rully. Then, Unai Emery’s soldiers banged. Alfonso Petracci’s shot in the 31st minute was a short distance away and the spectators were lucky. After five minutes there was no doubt. Mario Caspar hit the ball, Etienne Kabov hit the ball with his head, but the Frenchman’s shot was blocked. The 33-year-old, however, managed the ball and hit the net this time.

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After the break, David Wagner’s team did not want to give up the fight for balance. Fabian Ryder approached luck twice, but first hit the 19-year-old side net, and a few minutes later Raul Albiol kicked the ball into the goal after his shot. The sacrificial intervention of a 36-year-old man may have saved the day. After this operation, the attempt was made by the soldiers of the Yellow Submarine. Manuel Trigross may have raised the score and Kapu a minute later. The hosts finally found their way. Kabov recovered the ball and hit the ball to Arnaud Tanzuma, who established the result with a conscious strike. Manchester United face Villarreal next.

Atlanta Bergamo – Manchester United 2: 2 (1: 1)

Goals: Ilicić (12.), Zapata (58.) – Ronaldo (45 + 1., 90 + 2.)

Villarreal – Young Boys Berno 2: 0 (1: 0)

Goals: Kapoo (36.), Tanjuma (89.)