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Reliable Cristiano Ronaldo maintains balance in rematch with Atlanta in Champions League |

Manchester United once again shattered a positive decision in the Champions League under dramatic circumstances and Cristiano Ronaldo again played the lead role, with two wins ending in a draw with Atlanta.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, after a successful league performance over the weekend, decided to stay with the winning formula and set up a team with five defenders again. Meanwhile, rivals from Bergamo not only did not want to make the “Red Devils” tasks as easy as the Tottenham team, but also showed that they were the best in the system by imposing their conditions.

The spectators made the first move – in the 4th minute they were able to take advantage of Atlanta’s loss in the middle, when Paul Bogba threw the ball to Scott McDomini, whose shot was blocked by one of the defenders and the ball hit the post. A terrible resurgence.

In the 12th minute, another ricochet ball was deflected into the legs of Duan Sabada, who broke through the Red Devils’ defensive line and then sent it to Josep Ilyic. The Slovene, who played the first fiddle in the first half, scored unintentionally between Luke Shaw’s legs, which may have confused David de Kia, who missed the ball under his body.

In the 16th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo crossed the ball from a situational ball and he blasted the ball over the crossbar. A few minutes later, Bruno Fernandez’s good combination with Paul Pogba tried to finish Ronaldo, but failed to attract attention.

In the 31st minute Paul Bogba made a mistake in his sixteenth ball, he was caught by the pressure of Atlanta and the ball fell to Duan Zapada. Eric Bailey sacrificed a last-minute shot from the Colombian player.

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Atlanta were still able to lead the game, but Gian Piero Casparini’s players were unable to bring the lead until the break. Mason Greenwood, who was introduced to replace the injured Rafael Varan, passed to Bruno Fernandez on the first ball, retiring his heels to Cristiano Ronaldo who followed in his footsteps. The Portuguese players, who entered the list of goal scorers in the fourth match of the Champions League this season, equalized with great calm.

The second half started with more intensity and after the restart Mason Greenwood got a better chance, but he was less than inches to avoid the offside.

Duan Zapada, on the other hand, broke threateningly behind the backs of the spectators’ defenders, but this time the line judge interrupted the action.

However, in the 56th minute, the “Red Devils” did not have the precision needed to set up an offside trap – Duan Zapada started a long pass, except for a slide by Harry Maguire, who beat David de Kia from very close range. The VAR analysis suppressed the fans’ delight of the hosts for a long time, but finally confirmed that the goal was scored correctly.

The lead clearly satisfied the hosts who abandoned the initiative, and allowed the “Red Devils” to play a tough game. Atlanta’s players could boast of excellent conditions for the next half hour, and the tireless Duan Zapada played a key role. The Colombian’s header crossed in the 80th minute, but in the 87th minute his shot bounced off the post and caused trouble for David de Gea.

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Ole Gunnar did not announce the changes made by Solskjaer or the twists and turns in favor of the “Red Devils” over time, but Cristiano Ronaldo came to the rescue again. The newcomers’ long game resulted in a controversial ball in the sixteenth meter, Mason Greenwood won the jump, he stepped down from Ronaldo, and “Mr. Champions League” led the net with a superb volley hit.

In the end, he had a chance to turn the tide of the game with Tony van de Peek, but Juan Musso saved his shot from a sharp angle.

A draw with Atlanta will not allow the “Red Devils” to rest for a moment in the group stage – they lead the team with seven points, the same number of points as next-round rival Villarreal and two points more than Atlanta.

Atlanta – Manchester United 2: 2 (1: 1)
Goals: Ilicic 12, Zapata 56 ′ – Ronaldo 45 + 1, 90 + 1

Atallanda: Musso, de Rune, Demirel, Palomino, Zapacosta, Freiler, Coopmainers, Mahle, Illik (Muriel 71 ′), Basalik (Digimcity 46), Zapada

Manchester United: De Gea, Bailey, Maguire, Varane (Greenwood 38 ′), Van-Pizza, McDomine (Sancho 87 ′), Pogba (Matic 69 ′), Shaw, Fernandez (Van de Peak 87 ′), Ronaldo, Rashford (Sava Rashford 6) ))