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Champions League: Flensburg-Handouet draw with Paris Saint-Germain | – Sports

As of: 09/29/2021 10:27 PM

SG Flensburg-Handewitt earned its first Champions League point. The Bundesliga handball team came on Wednesday evening after a committed performance at 27:27 (14:13) against Paris Saint-Germain.

by Christian Gorzen

With this, the team of Saint-Germain coach Mike Machula ended a streak of defeats they had suffered, but before that they suffered three consecutive bankruptcies in all competitions. On the other hand, now you have not won five competitive matches. In the “First Division”, the Schleswig-Holsteiners, who played in a special jersey for International Girls’ Day on October 11, continued to occupy the last place with 1: 5 points in Group B.

Semper returns with a Saint-Germain shirt

After six minutes of play, cheers erupted at the Flensburg Arena. Dutchman Luke Stens’ brilliant goal wasn’t to make it 2-1 for PSG – the applause was only meant for Franz Semper. That was the moment when the Germany international came back after a long absence. The 24-year-old ruptured his cruciate ligament in December 2020.

SG’s managing director Dierk Schmäschke told NDR at the state derby in Kiel that his return would provide at least “a little bit of relief” in terms of personnel. SG had to team up with Paris without back-court players Lasse Möller (cartilage damage), Göran Sögard (groin complaints) and Magnus Röd (patellar tendon rupture).

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But even without this trio, the Flensburg team fought well against the star cluster of the Seine. Soon goalkeeper Benjamin Borek became a strong support. And in the front, the gaps in the opposite cap were well used. Left winger Hambus Wan made the score 10:8 (22). At the break, the North Germans were still leading 14:13.

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SG misses a chance to win in the last attack

Even after the start of the second half, neither team was able to break away significantly. Seven minutes before the end of the game, Jim Gottfriedson scored 25:23, at least for the first time in a long time, to score twice again. But PSG remained informed, and the tension rose to an extreme. With a score of 27:26 for North Germany, Gottfriedson may have forgiven the decision a minute before the final siren. On the other hand, Staines tied.

Machula took a break. His team had nine seconds to last attack. Since Mads Mensah Larsen missed the pass and the ball jumped away, it remained a tie. Wanne was the most successful SG player with seven goals.

Flensburg goals: Wanne 7/4, Mensing 4, Semper 4, Gottfridsson 3, Hald 3, Svan 3, Golla 2, Larsen 1
Paris Saint-Germain Toure: M. Hansen 6/3, Sole Sala 5, L. Steins 5, N. Karabatic 4, Grebille 2, Syprzak 2, Kristopans 1, Prandi 1, Remili 1
Penalty kicks minutes: 4/8

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Jim Gottfriedson of Flensburg is disappointed.  © IMAGO / Holsteinoffice

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