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Josue: We have to focus on our chances

Conference before the match

Woytek, Source:

– On the field we go out to play eleven. We know Leicester is a great club with a lot of good players, but we need to focus on our chances. We also have Napoli and Spartak in the group – they are also great clubs, in the meantime we already have three points and we will fight for more – as he said before the match. Josue.

– In recent weeks I’ve been able to train a lot, I’ve improved and it’s paying off. In my opinion – and I also told the coach – the match against Raku was one of the best ball games we’ve played since I joined the club. We had some difficulties scoring goals, but we can work on that in training. Some new guys joined the team late and I’m new too.

“We created a lot of chances on Saturday and saw the difference in the previous games we won and had few chances to score.” Tomorrow may be different than it is with Raków – maybe we’ll move more without the ball, but if we have it, we can’t lose easily.

The pace in the Premier League is exceptional, faster than in any other league. This league has no competition in this regard. I think we’ll have our chances tomorrow, too. All players love such matches. It’s going to be a tough match, but I love it. People don’t give us a one percent chance in such a competition. He motivates me even more and I would like to translate him onto the pitch. It proved that we can handle it and it is no coincidence that we play where we play. The Leicester-Napoli match was in a very good condition. I think everyone is aware of that.

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Photo: Woytek /
Photo: Woytek /


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Simon – 13 minutes ago *

Or perhaps he would have shot it from a distance, and it seemed that there was strength in the legs, and not around the wing and the crosses.


Okęciak – 2 hours ago *

I don’t know why, but I like this guy, he’s brave, he handles the ball nicely, he’s not afraid to take the game on himself, plus he has a really great pass…let him keep his nerves check and don’t make some stupid red cards at the least opportune moment. , everything will be alright.


framework – 2 hours ago, *..

Josue… I love the guy so much. I’m waiting for someone else to beat someone… on the field by peeing, of course when we win


Szmu (L) Ki – 2 hours ago, *

I agree that Raków was very good at attacking and playing. There was no end because Raku would have scored 4-5 goals a bit in the hat. Here, let’s thank Miszta, who is responsible for 1.5 goals.

Ladies, dear, don’t fart that people give you 1 cent. chances! Leicester are in dire straits and everyone is hoping to score points with them. I won in Moscow, Sheriff beat Real Madrid yesterday.. You have to fight!!!!!

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