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Chiellini, head of the end

Chiellini, head of the end

Chiellini, head of the end

Winner from Spain (1-1, tab 4.2) After a long and glorious evening of football at Wembley, Italy won their ticket to the Euro 2020 final and will try to do better than in 2012, facing the same Rojato win his first European title in 53 years. A qualification won by an entire team led by captain and coach Giorgio Chiellini, the 36-year-old who will finally try to lift his first international title on Sunday in London.

The moment is exceptional. A few seconds before the decisive penalty shootout begins, Giorgio Chiellini presents himself, very quietly, to the referee to decide who will shoot first between the Italians and Spaniards, and from which side of the field. Hilarious, swinging big gestures and not hesitating to vibrate his vocal cords, the Italy captain approaches a crazy stance that contrasts completely with that of his opponent, Jordi Alba. The latter on the contrary is tense and feverish, his face closed and sedate in the face of Chiellini’s antics. Then a psychological battle broke out between the two men, which was finally won by a defender National. Because if Briskard cross old Alpine uses his natural oomph to gain the upper hand, he takes advantage of a small push to win the throw in two stages against the Spanish team, who forced a second throw, and let his team shoot first. It was still necessary for the Juventus defender to send a final push by raising the Barcelona player, like an older brother raising his younger brother by congratulating him on his vain attempt. Good psychological grip to put his partners in the best possible position, with Olmo, Morata and their teammates dumped. The first knockout came in, and after nine shots on target later, Italy officially qualified for the Euro 2020 final. Anything but a coincidence.

for a happy walk

With her captain’s insignia around her arm and a smile on her lips, Chiellini performed the role of chief, and not just during the final minutes of this engagement. During 120 minutes of play, he scored 5 passes, 2 successful tackles, 2 interceptions, touched the skin 71 times and fired 55 passes (for 83.6% success),
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