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Chiellini (Italy) after the draw with Switzerland: “We played a great match”

Giorgio Chiellini (the center of the defense and captain of Italy after the 0-0 draw with Switzerland): “We played a great game, in all respects, in commitment, and technique … we probably played better than we did in the 3-0 game in Rome during the European Championship. (against Switzerland). But he missed something simple to score. We will qualify for the World Cup in November. (november vs switzerland) Quiet, this match is still a long way off. There’s a match on Wednesday, then a League of Nations match (Last square in October). For now, let’s recover and win on Wednesday. “

Roberto Mancini (Italy coach) : “It’s a time when you don’t want the ball to go in. We had a lot of chances today (Sunday) To not win the match… We have to be more precise and more accurate, we can’t win a match like this 2 or 3-0, it’s a shame. The team played the chances we had. We will make some changes (Wednesday vs Lithuania) Because the boys are tired. “

I tried to make him feel bad.

Switzerland goalkeeper Jan Sommer kicked Jorginho’s penalty, which he saved

Jan Sommer (Switzerland goalkeeper): “We had a chaotic week, with a lot of absences, a lot of injuries. It’s not normal for a team like this, they didn’t play together, like this! We are very happy with this point. Before the game, we said to ourselves that we have to do everything together. “As a team, very compact, with a head and a lot of heart, we did everything on the pitch. We went through phases where we kept the ball and in front of a team like that, it’s important. About the penalty kick, I tried to convey a bad feeling.” (To Italian shooter Jorginho)… »

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