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China insurance delays MacBook Pro delivery dates

China insurance delays MacBook Pro delivery dates

Lockdowns in industrial centers in China are keeping Apple customers long. MacBook Pro can only be delivered in better configurations much later than originally planned.

The new closures in China are already affecting the ability to offer Apple products. These things can only find their way to the customer with a significant amount of delay – understandable when the supplier companies cannot operate. But this does not seem to apply to all Apple products – the third generation iPhone SE is still available. The engineer takes care of a report from 9to5Mac On the other hand, with laptops. The differences could also indicate that the iPhone SE 3 is not particularly popular, while the MacBook Pro is very popular.

According to the report, three of the major Chinese suppliers to Apple are suffering from shutdown.

Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has an idea about this tweet written:

“The delivery status of the new iPhone SE, made exclusively by Pegatron, remains ‘in stock’ in Apple’s online stores in many countries after the China shutdown, indicating that current inventory levels can still meet weak demand.” “On the contrary, the delivery time of the high-end MacBook Pro (Quanta as the sole supplier), which has been in good demand since its launch, has been extended by about 3-5 weeks after the shutdown in China.”

Are you also affected by the delay in delivery? Or have you switched to a poorly equipped model? Feel free to write something about it in the comment fields below this message, we are very excited.

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