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Don't forget to migrate your Bethesda player account to Steam!

Don’t forget to migrate your Bethesda player account to Steam!

This year, we’re saying goodbye to the Bethesda player – the company has announced the move of its community to Steam and has announced a specific start date for the process. It will start on April 27. From that day on, Fallout 76 players will still be able to access the game through the Bethesda Launcher for a while, but it won’t be possible to make real money transactions, such as buying Atoms or renewing their Fallout 1st subscription.

From May 11, it will be impossible to log in and play Fallout 76 via the Bethesda launcher. You’ll need to go through the transfer process to continue your Appalachian adventure through Steam. On April 27, you will also receive instructions on how to start the entire process. In most cases, player accounts on Steam will be released after a few minutes of using the tool, however, during periods of heavy load, it may take a little longer to complete.

To the discretion of anyone moving their account between April 27 and May 11, Bethesda will award 10 promotions to the SCORE Season 9 board. Additional ranks will be awarded shortly after Season 9 begins in June. No one should complain about moving to Steam. After all, this is the leading platform that everyone uses, isn’t it?

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