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Chinese airship caught on the photo – in a military area

Chinese airship caught on the photo – in a military area

The photos were taken last November by an American company. CNN has now shown it to many different experts.

According to the media company, experts confirm that the photos show a 30-meter-long zeppelin-style airship, which is a soft airship based on a zeppelin. The vehicle was filmed at a one-kilometer-long airstrip, which is located in a military area in northwestern China.

A soft airship could be a definite advance in China’s airship program, and a more maneuverable vehicle than previously known, he writes. CNN.

“Submarine in the sky”

Jami Jacobs of the Oklahoma Space Institute told CNN that the soft airship can be used as a “submarine in the sky” and appears to have propulsion and navigation capabilities. He says this will enable it to hover over an area for a longer period.

Researcher Eli Hayes has studied the Chinese airship program for several years and told CNN that the fact that the ship is on a military site stands out.

The pictures of the balloon were taken three months before a Chinese “spy balloon” was shot down off South Carolina. The United States said it was a surveillance balloon intended for espionage, while China claimed it was a strayed search balloon.

CNN has reached out to the US Defense Forces, the CIA, and the Chinese Defense Forces for comment. Nobody came back.

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