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Chinese chemist sentenced to 14 years in prison for secret theft

Chinese chemist sentenced to 14 years in prison for secret theft

Based in Lansing, Michigan, I was Coca-Cola’s chief global research engineer from December 2012 to August 2017. According to court documents, I stole a formula to produce beverage cans that did not contain harmful BPA (this substance is intended to prevent can rust and loss of drink flavor; Companies are starting to develop alternative, less harmful technologies.) The development of this technology cost Coca-Cola $120 million.

After leaving a well-known concern, the chemist planned to set up a company in China to produce cans with innovative paint. It has received millions of dollars from the Chinese government to develop this project.

FBI Deputy Head of Counterintelligence Bradley S. Benavides commented in a US Department of State news release: “Technology theft is not just a crime against the company. It is a crime against American workers whose jobs and livelihoods are at risk.” Justice.

In turn, Attorney General Kenneth Bullitt said: “The defendant intended to enrich not only herself and her Chinese partners, but the Chinese government as well. Such crimes threaten the victims’ businesses and the economic security of the entire nation. This case should serve as a warning to the people. Those charged with valuable trade secrets : If you break the law, you will be punished.”

PAP / Adriana C.

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