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Sklep Play przejdzie metamorfozę. Subtelną, ale cenną

The Play Store will undergo a transformation. Accurate but valuable

The Play Store will soon change appearance of the Apps menu. This is a small change, but it undoubtedly makes browsing more enjoyable.

Play Store is the most popular repository with apps in the world, but it can be doubted whether it is the best too. And it is not only the enormity of the malicious code, but also its encounter. Admittedly, this one is pleasing to the eye, but it’s not particularly practical.

In fact, the Play Store user interface is somewhat similar to the design of the ads section, as it strives to increase the number of clicks at any cost. Just look at Application Lists. Only three symbols per line and no details. If you want to know anything more about an item, you have to go to its tab. There is no other choice – and they have smartphone screens Higher and higher resolution and it’s also growing physically.

Fortunately, Google seems to have noticed the shortcomings and is currently working on correcting them. As the 9to5Google website points out, in the past week some Play Store users received listings in a new format that abandons the current block layout in favor of Classic vertical menusIn addition, immediately with a brief description.

The Play Store will undergo a transformation.  delicate but precious

Change doesn’t happen everywhere, except in Selected SectionsWhich includes, inter alia, app suggestions based on recent activity. However, it also seems to be being developed normally section One in a particular category.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the updated look will reach everyone. One thing is for sure: even if it’s close, it’s Google There is still a lot of work to doTo clean the Play Store interface. Ok, but you have to start somewhere, good things first.

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Image credit: Shutterstock (@ymgerman)

Text source: 9to5Google, editor. king