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Chrome for iOS is trying to take Safari out of iPhones

While Chrome is definitely not the browser of choice for many iOS users, that doesn’t mean the Google product has no fans in the Apple world. For them mainly, Chrome is still dynamically developed on the mobile platforms of the Cupertino giant, and the latest update brings some really interesting features.

Chrome with a big dose of news for iOS

The latest version of Chrome 103 has introduced many improvements. Among them, we find faster website loading thanks to an improved link download service, as well as support for the .avif format for the Web Share API. In addition, the new version now supports access to the local font.

(phot. google)

The above novelties are available on all platforms, such as Android, iOS, and PC. Besides, he says XDA DevelopersHowever, it was found Some little things made exclusively for iOS.

Something for the iPhone, something for the iPad

Chrome for iOS finally got the job after an update Enhanced Safe BrowsingIt will provide users with more proactive and tailored protection against phishing, malware and other online threats. There will be a new and improved Safe Browsing Anticipate and warn users of potential dangers.


Another new feature available after the update is The ability to set Google Password Manager as the default password autofill provider on iPhone and iPad. This is definitely great news for the many users who keep their passwords and make up the data in the Google cloud.

Website translation services have also been improved. From now on, this feature will use on-device machine learning to deliver websites in the languages ​​of your choice. Among other things, the language definition model has been changed, which more accurately determines the language of the visited page and decides whether it should be translated.

Chrome iOS
(Source: XDA Developers)

After the update, Chrome’s address bar has become more useful. From there you will be able to perform certain activities and tasks. for example, By typing the appropriate command, you will be able to delete your history, browsing data, or even open an incognito tab.

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There are also subtle visual changes. It’s about a slightly reorganized menu. All this to make it easier for users to find the settings and functions they need. The new menu will also be smart – the most frequently used options will be displayed at the top of the menu.

None of the above news is anything but groundbreaking, but the continued development of Chrome for iOS and the addition of new functionality clearly shows that the Apple ecosystem is a very important space for Google.

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