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PSone Classics running at 50Hz, update to follow

PSone Classics running at 50Hz, update to follow

After the launch of the new PlayStation Plus in Asia and North America, everyone was excited to see what format Sony chose for the PSone classics in Europe.

It is now clear that a few titles run in the old 50Hz PAL format, which given the newer 60Hz standard leads to frame rate issues. With a 50Hz base and 30fps output, games get stuttering, which according to Digital Foundry is due to the wrong frame speed. In general, it can be said that games in PAL format run 20 percent slower.

Affected games are up to date Monkey Escape, Golf for Everyone, Jump Jump, Kuroshi, Siphon Filter, Wild Weapons or World Worms Party.

Sony is rolling out updates gradually

Some games like flash jump However, they already have the improved PAL output, which brings them back to 60Hz. This update will be gradually expanded to other titles, as promised by Sony in a tweet today.

Darin Is it[called[تسمى:

“We plan to offer NTSC options for most classic games offered on PlayStation Plus Premium and Deluxe plans in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.”

When this process is complete, he is in the stars. Here you can read the games offered on PlayStation Plus in Europe. Currently, there are more than 400 titles that can be downloaded or streamed depending on the tier level.

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