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Testing macOS Ventura Safari features with Monterey: Previewing new Safari technology |  News

Testing macOS Ventura Safari features with Monterey: Previewing new Safari technology | News

Safari is one of the pre-installed apps on your Mac that often only gains important new functionality after a major release of macOS. In the case of Apple’s Internet browser in particular, these long update cycles often attract criticism. If you want to test out new Safari functionality and technologies as soon as possible, you can download the so-called “Safari Technology Previews”. Apple’s currently released version is particularly interesting: some features of Safari 16 can already be tried – without having to install macOS 13.

Many innovations from Safari 16 in the new Safari Technology Preview
Once Apple delivers a major macOS update, in-browser users usually get their money’s worth: Safari is a safe place to go for many innovations and macOS Ventura is no exception. To test some functions, the Download of Safari Technology Preview 147: Users also receive push notifications across the web when the browser is closed. Also on the keyboard is the passphrase: the latter allows passwordless logins by having macOS generate a key pair associated with the website account in question. One of the keys is stored on the server, while the other is private. If you have macOS Ventura installed on an ARM Mac, you also get an improved Live Text feature: not only does this make it easier to translate text, but it’s also easier to select and highlight in videos.

Also available on Macs running macOS 12
However, some functions declared at WWDC are still missing: for example, groups of tabs cannot be shared with other users. Configurations made for individual websites are not yet synced with other devices. Safari Technology Preview 147 is used in parallel with Safari – not just on Macs with macOS 13 beta: Users have the option to install the software on their Mac with macOS Monterey. A developer account is not required for this.

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