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Google’s Chrome browser is the most popular browsing platform on the Internet today. According to Gemius data from November 2021, in Poland from the mobile version of Chrome More than 44.5 percent use it. Internet and desktop users – over 19.1 percent.

Chrome 100 means a problem?

Currently, the latest version of Chrome is the version marked with the number 96. However, soon (considering the frequency of updates made by Google) A version with the code 100 can be expected.

And here, as mentioned by 9To5Google, problems may arise. The next version will cause Some sites will stop working.

According to the Chromium Bug Tracker platform, the websites known to be affected by this issue are mainly Those created using Duda’s solution. All of these pages use the same code snippet to check which version of Chrome a user is using.

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Each page needs to know what browser the Internet user is using and how often it is updated, and thus checks for what is called a “user agent string”. This is a piece of text that the browser attaches to each Internet connection, allowing the site to recognize itself.

9To5Google provides an example user agent for Google Chrome: Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, jak Gecko) Chrome / 96.0.4664.45 Safari / 537.36

At the end of the given code, you can see that the most important part is “chrome / 96.0.4664.45”Which gives the exact version number of the browser. However, most web developers probably only care about the major version number, which is “96” in the example provided.

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Since the User Agent string is just text, developers need to figure out a way to interpret this information to suit their needs. In the case of Duda, the developers chose to read only the first two digits after “Chrome/”. This means that “Chrome / 99” will be version 99, but on the other hand “Chrome/100” will be seen as version…10.

According to experts, another problem is that Duda It automatically blocks any version of Chrome below version 40, which was released in 2015. Any browser version after Chrome 99 will be considered version 10 and therefore will be banned.

It is difficult at the moment to say how many websites will stop running in the case of Chrome 100. Google confirms that it is aware of the impending difficulties and is working to fix the problem. There are many possibilities at stake, one of them is Identification of the browser with the number 100 as a premium version with the code 99.

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