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Cities Skyline: New Creator Packs and Radio Stations

Cities Skyline: New Creator Packs and Radio Stations

Paradox Interactive announced two new creator packages for “Cities Skylines”. These are “bridges and docks” and “train stations”, and they are now available for download. First, however, you have to pay 4.99 € each.

The following links will take you directly to product listings on the PlayStation Store:

Two new radio stations were also introduced, Real Hook Radio and Sunny Breeze Radio. They are available for 3.99 € each.

Package contents at a glance

Bridge and Sidewalks content creator package

The set consists of 22 modifications of Armesto, in both industrial and classic styles:

  • 7 bridges for normal traffic
  • 3 one-way mobile bridges
  • 2 pedestrian bridges
  • 8 new berths
  • 2 new berths

Train Station Content Creator Pack

“Train stations” include several train stations and road junctions built by BadPeanut:

  • 6 subway stations
  • 6 train stations
  • 4 public transport axes

Radio Rail Hook

  • Contains 16 electronic tracks.

Sunny Breeze Radio

  • The package includes 16 compound tracks.

City Skylines have found more than six million buyers in the past few years. The urban planning simulation was first published in March 2015 for computers. You can find more about the game and the numerous expansions on our site Overview of the “City Skyline” topic.

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