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iMac 24 '' - First Impressions

iMac 24 ” – First Impressions

The 24-inch iMac is a computer that cannot be ignored. The brand new look will appeal to some users’ tastes, and disappoint others. When Apple introduced it, I couldn’t wait for it to get to my office.

The computer was expected to ship on May 31. Unexpectedly, I get a message that the computer will be delivered today.

After opening the box, you are presented with a completely redesigned packaging method. Polystyrene blocks have been replaced by a very interesting and well-designed structure – yes, I know it sounds so funny when we talk about a piece of cardboard.

The kit includes a keyboard and mouse – optionally a trackpad – an Ethernet port, cable with USB-C / lighting connectors, documents and two labels. It should be noted here that the stickers are present in the front and back of the computer. In the case of the blue model, it is light sky blue and dark blue. All accessories are color matched with the iMac. Apple used nylon braid for the cables.

The included accessories are almost the same as previous accessories added to previous models. Colors have changed, and the keyboard has more rounded corners. New function keys have also been added – as in the case of laptops with the M1 processor – and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

In the case of the new iMac, interestingly enough, the entire computer interface is covered by a painted glass panel on the bottom section. In the case of the previous model, most of the front part was covered by glass only. There are four USB-C ports on the back, two of which support the Thunderbolt interface, a power switch, magnetically connected power supply and a large Apple logo in the middle. However, on the left edge there is a mini-jack connector.

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Apple has also changed the method for securing the matrix and the back of the computer. So far, a single layer of foil has been used on some items and a special pillow case. In this model, in addition to the special bag that protects the whole, the matrix contains a special Hello sticker and a large amount of foil that needs to be removed multiple times.

The hardware configuration process is very fast and fun. The splash screen changed. When you turn on your computer for the first time, you are greeted with a greeting screen alternating in each language. The animation looks as if someone is hand painting it with a brush.

Compared to the 27-inch iMac from 2020, the new computer has greater screen brightness (despite the fact that both arrays have a brightness of 500 nits) and better, brighter colors. The speakers have also been improved. The sound that comes out of it is warmer and has more bass. It’s worth noting, however, that it appears quieter than its 27-inch model counterparts. And feel strongly.

The system itself runs at amazing speed and all animation is extremely smooth – which cannot be said for Intel based computers, even those with the highest configuration.

If you have any questions about this computer please let me know.