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Wied ??  min: Stary ??  świat - I started a community fundraising campaign for the board game

Wied ?? min: Stary ?? świat – I started a community fundraising campaign for the board game

May 25, 2021, 19:49

Witcher: Old World with community fundraising for and Kickstarter; The Projekt RED CD and Go On Board support Łukasz Wo ?? niak.


  • I started a community campaign to fundraise for the game Magicians: The Ancient World. Campaign supporters will be rewarded with a free statue.
  • Fabua The Witcher: The Ancient World Its events take place in the pre-Geralt of Rivia era. Players will explore the continent, kill monsters, and compete with each other for prizes.

two hours ago took off Community fundraising for a board game Magicians: The Ancient World ?? It will last another 17 days, however If you support the campaign within the next 22 hours and pay 33 zlotys for it, you will receive a free figure of Iridin on a horse.. A game of ukasz ?? Wookie ?? Woo? Nyaka (TitaniAnd the Valhalla) Powered by CD Projekt Red and Go On Board Publishing. Undoubtedly, interest in it is high: so far it has been supported by more than 2000 people with a total value of about 1 million PLN for zagramw.toPlus, more than 11 thousand people have about 5 million zlotys Kickstart ores.

Involved The Witcher: The Ancient WorldIt takes place many years before the events of the Andrzej Sapkowski saga. Players The bed¹ There they had a choice from one of the five monster killer schools: Wolf, mii, Cat, Bear, or Griffin. Their role will be to discover new lands on the continent, train in combat and gain experience to compete for 4-6 prizes (the number depends on the decisions of the participants).

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These prizes can be collected by killing monsters, fighting for the honor of your school in Vienna, or performing specific tasks while traveling around the continent. Board game will use skill cards ?? Attacks, quirks and magic characters ?? Which can then be combined into powerful groups. Moreover, each school will be assigned different and unique capabilities.

Wied?  Min: Stary ??  swiat - has begun a community fundraising campaign for the board game - Illustration # 1

Contents: pudełka /

Magicians: The Ancient World It will be available in the standard (289 zlotys) and the deluxe (519 zlotys) versions. The most expensive package is to contain 15 beautiful monster figures instead of signs. The entire game will last from 90 to 150 minutes and will be suitable for a group of 2 to 5 people over the age of 14. Now can you look inside ?? Watch the movie below.