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1 billion users for PS Now entertainment and power up

1 billion users for PS Now entertainment and power up

Microsoft wants to reach billions of people with Xbox Game Pass and its xCloud streaming service. However, the Redmond-based company isn’t the only company expanding the community. Sony also has similar goals.

As part of a strategic meeting Sony announced todayYou want to increase retention of users on the PlayStation Network. This plan should be implemented, among other things, “by strengthening the PlayStation Now cloud-based gaming service.”

At the same time, Sony wants to invest in or partner with outside studios – as well as invest in in-house studios. The result should be an enhanced program display.

Target one billion users

The goal of the PS5 manufacturer is to increase the size of the community, connected directly to Sony across devices, games, anime and other entertainment services, from 160 million to 1 billion.

The first steps have already been taken to harden PS Now. The accuracy of service flow has been raised Increased from 720p to 1080p. It can be assumed that more promotions of this nature and possibly another exclusive offer will follow in the foreseeable future.

In an announcement, Sony also stated that 20 billion yen (about $ 184 million) will be spent “increasing development, staff and other costs in in-house studios.”

Significant investments are also being made in other technologies. So there is an improvement PSVR system for PS5 in progress. Sony also told investors that “Sony AI and SIE are jointly developing artificial intelligence technologies that can make the gaming experience richer and more enjoyable.”

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Another topic from the last meeting was the new console. Sony sells every PS5 the company can make. Despite the shortage of semiconductor components, the company expects sales this year to exceed the 14.8 million PS4 sold the year after the launch of the last-generation console.

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