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The investigator plays the first trailer of the video

In “I, the Inquisitor”, players will direct the title character and hero of the Jack Piekara book series – Mordimer Madderdin. The events take place in the city of Koenigstein, where the player will have access to 5 regions, each of which will have a unique appearance in terms of its architecture, the climate and the people who live there. The studio was heavily inspired by the Renaissance, which had not been used much in games before.

Outside of Koenigstein, an important component of the game will be Underworld, which is where Mordimer can move to find answers to investigative questions.

– The universe will play a very important role, as it is “a place that shows the true essence of things”, which makes it one of the most important tools for the player on his way to the truth and to solve the plots surrounding him. More than once, this will help to consolidate some facts and search for more clues. The universe is also dark, sinister, and full of dangers that Mordimer will have to face – as describes Damien Pawlak, game designer for The Dust.

The first trailer on the game engine “I, The Inquisitor” is interspersed with parts of the gameplay in which viewers have the opportunity to see the underworld for the first time.

– The video material from the game we have prepared shows how close to adapting a literary work, we wanted to preserve the atmosphere, climate and mood of the books that have sold more than two million copies in Poland. We think this material will appeal to fans of the series and players interested in an interesting story set in a unique era – comments by Jakob Wolf, president of The Dust.

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“I am the investigator” was declared two years ago

The Dust has announced the production of “I, the Inquisitor” based on 11 novels by Jacek Piekara from Inquisitor Cycle. The company cooperates with The Bull. In mid-2019, the budget of “I, the Inquisitor” was set at more than 7 million PLN, of which 3 million PLN the company obtained from the investor.

However, at the end of last year The Dust announced the 2021 Car Thief Simulator. It also launched a subsidiary, Two Horizons, which deals with the development of simulation games.

In the second half of April, The Dust announced that it intended to issue up to 300,000 F Series, depriving existing shareholders of the right to subscribe. And you want to receive approximately 5.5 million total PLN from the issue, including. To produce the “I’m the Detective” game.

Last year Dust recorded an increase in sales revenue from PLN 1.56 to 2.25 million and a net loss of PLN 658 thousand. PLN amounts to 1.15 million PLN. In the first quarter of this year. On an annual basis, the company’s revenue increased from 489.5 thousand PLN to 792.2 thousand PLN. PLN, with an increase in operating costs of 583.5 thousand. Polish zloty to 1.21 million PLN, the net loss deepened from 94.2 thousand Polish zloty to 198.5 thousand Polish zloty. PLN.