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Controversial ‘six days’ shooting in Fallujah delayed one year later •

It will be released at the end of next year.

The controversial shooter Six Days in Fallujah won’t be released until the last quarter of next year. So far, the publisher – Victora – plans to debut in 2021.

The project is said to be taking advantage of the extra time it spends on the job as it plans to double the number of developers to realize its expanded ambitions.

?? It turns out that it takes more people, resources and time to recreate these real events in high quality ?? – Nabisanu in the message. “Doubling the squad is just one of the things we do to bring new tactical and emotional depth to military shooters.”

Highwire Games studio title recently returned to gamers’ minds, after years of silence. This is the second attempt at creating the game – the first was in 2009, but the project was canceled a few months after the announcement – the title criticized veterans and families of fallen soldiers.

Now the controversy is similar. The second battle of Fallujah took place in 2004. The American forces and Al-Qaeda faced a clash, and a large number of civilians were killed as a result of the measures taken. American forces are accused, for example, of using white phosphorous in combat.

Going back to Six Days in Fallujah, the game is a tactical shooter that recreates these events. The plans include a system for issuing orders to subordinates, as well as network competition. All this from a first person perspective.

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