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Courage: A new law brings the next customer into play

Riot Games is about to release Chapter 3 Episode 3 of Valorant. This class will also bring a new agent with it.

From November 2 in the new week, Episode 3 Chapter 3 begins in Valorant. With the new episode, developer Riot Games will also provide a new team agent, but it will only be playable from November 17th.

The new agent is called Chamberlain and it’s all about deadly and subtle precision. He is always well dressed, and as a French weapons designer, he also has a whole range of weapons to offer with which he can take down enemies from a distance.

When designing the new agent, the development team came up with the idea of ​​someone who “could hold an area with a collection of weapons,” explains character producer John Josicki. The team had received inspiration from the “archetype of the noble assassin”. The gameplay in Chamber revolves around the idea of ​​“shot distance, breeze in the wind, type of powder in ammo, all the subtleties have to be taken into account to get the perfect hit,” continued the developer.

In addition to the character, you can also look forward to a new Battle Pass, which will depend on upcoming holidays. The focus is on end-of-year traditions, i.e. Halloween, New Years, and the winter holidays.

Valorant – You Reveal Trailer

In Episode 3, Kayo completes the Valorant team as the new agent.

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