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PHOTOS: The Persevering Rover has sent out a new batch of images of Mars after weeks of being offline

Perseverance Mars Exploration Vehicle Send a bunch of new photos to NASA After being out of internet for more than two weeks due to a solar coupling that started in late September.

The radio communication between Earth and Mars has been paralyzed While the red planet was on the other side of the sun, something It happens once every two years.

As reported on the October 25th of the Rover’s Twitter profile, the link was re-established that day and persevere Reposted dozens of photos: Both panoramic photos of the landscape of Jezero crater (the area you are exploring), as well as the sun itself and different selfies.

Prior to separation, the rover was able to sample Martian rocks at the beginning of September and took advantage of that time period to continue its chemical analysis. While she was parked between two rocky outcrops, Keep working on autopilot They watch with their cameras how the wind moved the dirt around the stones.

Several photos taken on October 23 by a camera attached to the mast of the rover show fragmentation of rock layers, whose sides, almost straight, can be seen closely.

The SkyCam, a camera located on the upper deck of the Perseverance and facing the sky, Take some pictures of the sun as you see it from the red planet, with or without a filter. At the same time, navigation cameras on the mast continued to record views of Mars, one of which features a concave horizon and a prominent hill in its center. RT.

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