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CPK will give impetus to the creation of new high-speed railways. We know how many kilometers they will count – Economy

As confirmed by the ceremony participants, the way to launch the line is still long, but the signature of the letter of intent sets the course for the matter.

The line will be activated as part of the Kolej Plus program. This means that most of the funds for the work will be provided by the state budget – 85 percent of the required amount. The rest, however, must be provided by local governments. So far, they have pledged half of the requested amount.

According to the mayor of Mrągowo – Stanisław Bułajewski, according to the optimistic variant, traffic on this line can be restored around 2024. However, a pessimistic variant is possible, which means that connections on this route will be launched after a few years.

2020 on the track. What has changed in the PKP plans?

CPK as Tourism Opportunity in Masuria

The length of the Orzysz – Mikołajki – Mrągowo line is more than 50 km. According to preliminary assumptions, trains on this route can reach speeds of up to one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour, which is enough for local communications.

Most importantly, this line will be an offshoot of the so-called speakers that make up the rail component of the Central Communications Port.

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00:24 Marcin Horała on revitalization of the railway to Orzysz (IAR / Aleksander Pszoniak) Marcin Horała on revitalization of the railway to Orzysz (IAR / Aleksander Pszoniak)

Karol Karski, MEP, representing the region, said that Warmia and Mazury are among the most excluded regions of our country in terms of communications, and the revitalization of the line and its connection to the CPK railway system will change this situation. He added that the activation will facilitate local communications and the movement of tourism.

00:24 Mrągowo Mayor, Stanisław Bułajewski on the agreement with the CPK (IAR/Aleksander Pszoniak) Mrągowo Mayor, Stanisław Bułajewski on the agreement with the CPK (IAR/Aleksander Pszoniak)

The railway has not been used for 10 years. Its activation will cost about 400 million PLN. In the letter of intent, CPK pledges to co-finance the renovation work in the amount of PLN 20 million.

CPK building is accelerating

Last year, the CPK announced a technical, economic and environmental study procedure for a part of the so-called No. 3 that spoke of key importance for the Varmin-Masurian district (the 139-kilometer section of the New Ostruka district – Łomża – Giżycko railway). Nature inventory is already underway for the 32-kilometer section from Ostruka to Umta.

According to STH schedules, we will travel from Ostrołęka to Łomża by train before the end of 2027, and the planned date of opening the route from Łomża via Pisz, and Orzysz to Giżycko is 2031.

All these are elements of STH loudspeakers No. 3, that is, line No. 29: Mazury “transport backbone” leading to Warsaw and STH. Line 223 from Orzysz through Mikołajki and Mrągowo will be a complementary investment for CPK.

In Warmińsko-Mazurskie District, as part of the STH railway program, 74 km of new railways will be built, which will be built by STH, and another 208 km will be modernized by PKP PLK. These investments will shorten the journey from Olsztyn to Warsaw to one hour. 45 minutes We will be traveling from Pisz to the capital in 1 hour. 45 minutes, from Ełk in 2 hours 5 minutes, from Giżycko in 2 hours 15 minutes. It is elblg in two hours. 25 minutes

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CPK: The biggest investment of the decade. How was 2020 preparing to build it?

What is CPK?

The total investment of STH Railways is approximately 1,800 km of new lines, which will be built by the end of 2034. Preparations are already underway for more than 700 km of them. According to the schedules of the CPK, the first construction work is scheduled to begin in 2023.

The STH program consists of a total of 12 railway tracks, including so-called leading speakers from different regions of Poland to Warsaw and STH. In total, these are 30 investment missions, of which the investor is CPK.


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